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Wild Spirit Education Saskatoon

A Registered Independent School for Children 1 – 13 Years Old

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Our School

Wild Spirit Education offers a variety of programs for children ages 1yrs – 13yrs. At our locations in Saskatoon, we strive to meet the individual needs of every child. Providing an enriched environment where there is much to learn with care, love and excitement, Our services range from traditional Montessori half-day and full-day instruction in our Casa and Elementary programs, to drop in programs that encourage a love of learning and introduction to an educational environment.

Location: 3002 Taylor St E, Saskatoon, SK S7H 4J2

Telephone: (306) 290-7206


School Hours: M-F: 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM

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Body, Mind & spirit

The Montessori approach aims to nurture and develop a child’s innate desire and ability to learn. By pursuing individual interests in a loving and orderly environment, each child can work freely with stimulating and self-correcting materials. Our students interact in a community atmosphere, learning to respect and care for one another. Older children are encouraged to set the example and help the younger ones, which in turn encourages a sense of pride and independence.

We strive to develop responsible, peaceful and nurturing young minds with confidence, self-esteem and respect for others. Our graduates are self-motivated, intellectually curious individuals who love to learn.

Dr. Maria Montessory created an extensive array of materials in which children can manipulate, discover and enjoy the learning experience. Children learn to be curious, to experiment, and to be creative. The Montessori environment encourages a child’s independence, importance to their community, and to love the journey of learning.


Our Mission & Vision

At Wild Spirit Education, we believe that it is through hands-on activities and research that children learn best. It is the directors role to provide quality, interesting and stimulating materials and equipment to facilitate this. We provide materials that meet a range of developmental levels. This creates an environment for each child to grow and learn at their own rate, because each child is different and therefore grows and learns in their own unique way.

A Word

From Our Director

A lot of our ‘programming’ occurs in the moment, taking advantage of simple everyday learning opportunities. We strive to keep focus on the children’s interests and take cues from them when planning lessons. For this reason, we do not focus on “themes”, but rather follow the seasons of Mother Nature and take lessons from the world around us.

– Christa Folster

Our School

Wondering what Montessori is?

Are you wondering what Montessori is? How does it differ to traditional education? How does it work and what do the children learn in a Montessori classroom? Learn more about what Montessori is with Simone Davies from The Montessori Notebook.

An Enriched Curriculum

Wild Spirit strives to meet the individual needs of every child. We provide an enriched curriculum and environment that includes all aspects of learning. At Wild Spirit, your child will have access to music classes, pilates, STEM education programs, French, art, drama and much more as we are always looking for new ways to reach each individual child’s possibilities of learning.

Family Learning Programs

At Wild Spirit, it is not only the child that has access to learning, but we also offer many drop-in programs for siblings, parents and family classes.

Teaching Professionals

Wild Spirit’s dedicated team of qualified teaching professionals nurtures young minds and encourages students to be responsible, peaceful, confident and respectful of others. Our graduates are self-motivated, intellectually curious individuals who love to learn.

Wild Spirit Education established in 2013 offers a range of Montessori-based programs and learning services for your child. Our main objective is to provide as wide a field of learning as possible in a safe and caring environment.

Maria Montessori’s legacy reshaped the field of education, introducing the philosophy that we learn and grow best by following an innate path of self-development. She knew what she was talking about — she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize an astounding six times, and her image was even on Italy’s 1,000 Lire banknote. She urged her students — both children and adults — to “trust that you know what you’re doing.” It worked in classrooms when we were children, and it works in the workplace today.

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