Mission & Vision

At Wild Spirit Education, we believe that it is through hands-on activities and research that children learn best. It is the director's role to provide quality, interesting, and stimulating materials and equipment to facilitate this. We provide materials that meet a range of developmental levels. This creates an environment for each child to grow and learn at their own rate because each child is different and therefore grows and learns in their own unique way.

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Meet Christa

After a decade of teaching, Christa saw a need for a different educational experience, both personally for her children and for other families. In 2012, Monkey Adventures started in her own home offering a Montessori style preschool and kindergarten which then evolved into Wild Spirit Education in 2017.

Christa considers her school the 'modern-day one-room schoolhouse" which is completely by design. The philosophy constantly changes and evolves based on the needs of the students. Wild Spirit Education provides an educational experience that can help kids to burn more energy and become more focused on learning. In 2019, Christa completed her Nature School practitioner training and has incorporated the use of outdoor spaces and nature into the curriculum with learning outdoors all year round. With the combination of a Montessori learning style mixed in with the fresh air of the outdoors, students are sure to thrive in Wild Spirit's educational environment. 

Christa Nelson

 Head of School

Inspirational Maria

Maria Montessori’s legacy reshaped the field of education, introducing the philosophy that we learn and grow best by following an innate path of self-development. She knew what she was talking about — she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize an astounding six times, and her image was even on Italy’s 1,000 Lire banknote. She urged her students — both children and adults — to “trust that you know what you’re doing. It worked in classrooms when we were children, and it works in the workplace today."

Christa's staff continues to grow each year. Get aquainted with our current staff here at Wild Spirit Education.

Wild Spirit Education now offers programs for toddlers all the way up to grade 9.