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  Naturally Curious Summer Session  


The goal of our Naturally Curious Summer session is to offer experiences and opportunities that will create a love of learning, love of nature, build their confidence and provide them with the knowledge that school experiences all year round are fun!

Our summer session has a strong nature focus which provides your child with a holistic environment in which to play and learn! Nature is proven to calm the mind and de-stress the body; providing regular opportunities to be successful; develop their self-esteem; all with hands-on learning experiences!


Your child will spend the day creating new friendships, developing a love of

learning, spending time outdoors in their community, spending their summer in a peaceful and creative environment!

Our staff are well trained and experienced to observe how your children best learn, what they are excited and interested in, and guide them from there! We have a wide variety of activities to engage all age levels and interests!

Your child will be led through group and individual activities that develop their social skills, leadership skills, and independence!

Everything from art projects, messy science, free time, and everything in between! The children participate in planning the day!

Summer Session Fees + Schedules


Fees are due at the time of registration and are non-refundable after June 1 st.


Your child’s space is not confirmed until fees have been received.

Fees can be paid by e-transfer ( 

*If your child is a currently registered student you can continue to pay
summer fees on a monthly basis, as usual.


*Receipts will be issued and mailed to your residence in January.

Monthly Rate

includes before or aftercare

Half Days - *pricing to come
Full Days - *pricing to come


Extended Care Hours

Before Camp: 7:30 am – 9 am
After Camp: 4pm - 5:30pm
Fees: included in Monthly Rate

Fees Non-Refundable after June 1st


Things to Bring

  • labeled water bottle

  • snacks + lunch if applicable - nut free

  • swimwear + towel

  • hat + sunglasses for sunny days; appropriate outdoor wear - we are outside the majority of the time, rain or shine!

  • extra clothes

  • small backpack

  • indoor shoes that are good for gym time

  • sunscreen + bug spray - please apply before arriving, will be reapplied as necessary

What to Expect Upon Arrival


Students will be placed into one of three age groups


Group #1 (ages 3yrs – 5yrs)

Group #2 (ages 6yrs – 9yrs)

Group #3 (ages 10yrs-14yrs) 

Group #2 & #3 may be combined depending on the activity or number of children in this age group on any given day.

When arriving please bring your child to the entrance door. Staff will then help them to find a space for their belongings.

Groups will have the opportunities if they would like to do some activities in their own group and some activities together – so your child will be able to make friends (or see siblings) with all of the children over the course of a day!


7:30 am – 9 am Before Care


8:45 am drop off


9 am – 12 pm
Morning session


12 pm pick up time
Half-Day Morning


12 pm – 1 pm Lunch


12:45 pm drop off available
Half-Day Afternoon


1 pm – 4 pm
Afternoon session


4 pm pick up time
Full-Day & Half Day Afternoon


4 pm – 5:30 pm After Care

Important: If someone other than a parent is picking up, we will need a written note/text/email (as well that person should be prepared to be asked for I.D).

The Land We Love




At Wild Spirit Education we utilize a few different spaces in our program.

Fenced in green space – Our community classroom is a partnership with the Saskatoon Medavie Health Services West. They graciously fenced in a section of their land for us to use. This area provides our youngest students with a safe place to explore without having to be concerned yet about physical boundaries.

Open field space – the City of Saskatoon has designated “green space” throughout each neighborhood. Beside our school is one of these areas. We use it when we are playing larger group games, teaching our older children about natural boundaries and independent safety.

Forest Area – our “urban forest” is a much-loved space. It has a variety of plant life, small creatures (such as ducks, frogs, snails), both dry and wetlands, and plenty of room to explore. We use this area to build forts, climb trees, let the older children have more freedom and responsibility. The younger students come into this area in smaller groups with a teacher.

Important Information

Address: 3002 Taylor Street East Taylor and Arlington Avenue

Phone Number:

call/text  306-290-7206




Please also find us on Facebook & Instagram!

Dates of Closure

Dates to come.

Wild Spirit Education will be closed on: 
Dates to come.

*All dates are subject to change with notice


Allergies: We are a nut and alert facility. We do currently have this allergy in the building; please be aware and make a conscious effort to refrain from bringing food that contains these items.

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