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I am one of the Casa teachers at Wild Spirit. I love having the opportunity to help children reach their full developmental potential. Their wild spirits and zest for life inspire me each day. I enjoy spending time with my husband. Exploring, laughing, and spending time outside are my favorite things to do.

Ms. Cheylene

I am one of the Casa teachers as well as the art teacher at Wild Spirit Education. I enjoy spending time exploring the outdoors with my two children, gardening, and playing baseball. Fine art is another passion of mine, I do everything from sewing to painting, jewelry making, and using materials from nature.

Ms. Shannon


I am the Director at Wild Spirit Education and was born and raised in Oxford, England. In 2014, my husband and our two now teenage children moved to Canada. I love exploring the great outdoors, kayaking, spending time with family and friends.

Ms. Laura

I am the Principal and Lead Teacher of the Lower and Upper Elementary Classroom. I am a mother to three strong and passionate children. When I am not in the classroom I love to be outdoors camping, fishing, playing baseball, or working in my garden. Another hobby I am passionate about is photography.

Ms. Amber


I am the Upper and Lower Elementary Assistant. Four kids call me some variation of mom, and a handsome chap calls me his gal. I'm wild about my plants and my garden, impromptu adventures, game nights, investigative podcasts, and all things arts, colorful and messy.

Ms. Jamie


At Wild Spirit Education our teachers and staff have a fully integrated communication system in place to keep Parent-Teacher connection consistent and in real-time. 

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Wild Spirit’s dedicated team of qualified teaching professionals nurtures young minds and encourages students to be responsible, peaceful, confident, and respectful of others. Our main objective is to provide as wide a field of learning as possible in a safe and caring environment.

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Wild Spirit Education is constantly growing! We are always on the lookout for up-and-coming Teachers, Substitute Teachers, Summer Students, and Volunteers. If working in a Montessori and nature-based environment is of interest we'd love to hear from you!

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